Why the ‘am I a good mum?’ doubts are a good thing

During most of my pregnancy, I was mostly excited to become a mum, but it still didn’t feel very real if I’m honest. I felt pretty serene and in control (before antenatal anxiety hit me hard in the third trimester). I’m working on feeling that calm again post-partum, but I’ve found my parenting doubts difficult to stifle at times.

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New mums, don’t lose who you are!

Just before I became a first-time mum 15 weeks ago, I had all the usual concerns like not getting enough sleep, becoming a dazed zombie and so on. But there was something much bigger as well: the fear that I might somehow ‘lose myself’ in motherhood, along with all the travel, family and career dreams I’d been harbouring for years.

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He slept through the night!

Right on cue, he turns three months and he sleeps through the night for the first time three days later! They say the three to six month period is the easiest time to establish sleep habits, because it’s the holy window where babies aren’t yet in their ‘separation anxiety’ phase but are ready to take cues from us. Fingers crossed this wasn’t a one-time-only affair…

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