Our baby yoga experience

Both before and during pregnancy, I practiced yoga on and off for about 10 years. It’s something that I find chills me out, strengthens my core and makes me more mindful of my posture. I was made up when I realised it’s also something I can do with my baby.

When I was researching local classes to check out, I was intrigued when I came across baby yoga alongside all the usual music and movement, swimming classes and stay and plays. Yoga with a baby? I had no idea what it would entail, but sign me up!

Around seven hours of baby yoga classes later and countless more hours amassed at home I’m sure, I can safely say baby yoga is fantastic. Not only can I continue to practice balancing, opening and strengthening postures, I’m learning which ones benefit my postnatal body and, best of all, involving my baby too.

Babies, I’m sure, get a lot from the classes. Not only does mine enjoy the singing bits and the This Little Piggy renditions, he’s also learning coordination when we bring opposite hands and feet together, getting help with teething and wind with reflexology and colic-relieving poses and having some quality mummy-baby time.

I fully intend on encouraging him to do yoga as a toddler and beyond. It’s great for mental as well as physical health, in countless ways like mindfulness, breathing and flexibility.

If you’re looking for pregnancy yoga, baby yoga or toddler yoga in the Hampshire area, definitely look into Natalie’s classes. I can’t recommend her enough.

Have you tried baby yoga?


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