Six surprising things I love about being a new mum

Motherhood is a total game-changer. I kinda knew that before embarking on this crazy, beautiful and messy journey though. What I didn’t anticipate fully was exactly how life would be different from before. Being a mum has brought with it a few surprises that I’ve been loving.

Picking out clothes I know he’ll look cute in

He grows so fast he’ll be wearing them for a maximum of three months but I just NEED those dungarees. Turns out dressing a baby is one of the most underrated things about motherhood. It’s a good job I do most of my baby clothes shopping on eBay because otherwise we’d be racking up serious debt!

Finding new ways to make him giggle

What can I say? That little laugh is enough to melt your heart. Singing, tickling and practicing our latest baby yoga moves are all sure to get him giggling. He’s the kind of baby who likes constant interaction and entertainment, so he’s a handful but lots of fun.

Biting his tiny nails

I never thought I’d enjoy this one. At first I was afraid of ripping the entire thing off, but I find it strangely satisfying now as I’m an ex-nail biter myself. When he sits still long enough for me to do it, that is…


Last week, I wrote about my breastfeeding story so far. I always knew I wanted to ‘give it a go’ and see how I got on. Truth be told, I was a little grossed out about breastmilk before I gave birth but it has now quickly become the most natural thing ever. I guess when it’s your own, it longer seems weird!

Co-sleeping/bed sharing

Midwives and health visitors say no co-sleeping and I was of course scared I’d roll onto him during the night, but he would never settle otherwise so I went for it. He’s getting much better at sleeping in his cot these days, but I kind of miss all those cuddles!

Single parenting

Probably most surprisingly of all, I actually enjoy doing this all on my own. When you picture being a mum, you always imagine a dad as a permanent fixture too. But while things don’t always go to plan, they can end up better than you thought. For one, being a single mum pushes me and motivates me more than anything else.

What unexpected things do you love about motherhood?


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